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  • Identifying and monitoring relevant policy issues

  • Following relevant legislative and regulatory developments

  • Advocacy outreach strategy, planning and programme development

  • Target audience identification and segmentation

  • Research and intelligence gathering

  • Preparation and production of advocacy support materials

  • Drafting position papers

  • Organising ambassador programmes

  • Commissioning and publishing of research

  • Devising media campaigns

  • Identifying public speaking opportunities

  • Attending and reporting on conferences and similar relevant events

  • Staging advocacy events

  • Development and production of advocacy toolkits

  • Direct and indirect approaches to influencers and arranging meetings with decision makers

  • Contacting officials and making appointments in the EU institutions and national ministries


During the 22 years that Tim has lived and worked in Brussels, he has developed connections at both an EU and Member State level, particularly in the chemical and agrochemical sectors.


He is a registered lobbyist in Brussels and in the UK and has undertaken advocacy projects in North and South America, the Middle East and the Far East.


Experience includes working with clients across a variety of business sectors including chemicals, agrochemicals, technology and electronics, medical devices, healthcare and business services.


He has acted both behind the scenes – arranging meetings on behalf of clients and preparing research, position papers, presentations and other advocacy materials – as well as directly representing them.


He regularly attends and reports on conferences and regulatory events on behalf of clients and has undertaken several major research and intelligence projects.


He has orchestrated and been actively involved in roadshows for Member State regulators and has devised educational and familiarisation programmes for European institution staff, politicians and NGOs. These have included facility visits, roundtable debates, exhibitions and workshops, mostly aimed at creating a greater understanding of the implications of regulatory or policy actions.


Tim works closely with the Brussels media and advises clients on how to advance policy initiatives through the use of carefully targeted editorial.

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