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  • Corporate communications strategies and tactical communications

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes

  • Sustainability programmes

  • Annual reports and presentations

  • Senior management profiling

  • Orchestrating thought-leader campaigns

  • Issues and crisis management

  • Corporate sponsorship

  • Corporate events


Includes an intensive communications plan related to the reverse take-over of a holding company by an American subsidiary (FMCG company).

Annual report writing, the identification and exploitation of corporate sponsorships and corporate entertaining facilities (business-to-business and food and drinks industry).


Development of corporate communications strategies and tactics; corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives; and media and stakeholder awareness programmes for sustainability initiatives (various industry clients). For an example of a CSR initiative, please see this blog.


Communications tactics involving the direct participation of stakeholders to raise awareness of corporate initiatives (an NGO).


Communications initiatives (including speaker opportunities, presentations, progress and status reports, media events and internal communications training) for a government-supported education organisation seeking to raise its profile within government and business circles.


Issues management and crisis communications preparedness (including vulnerability audits, development of issues management manuals and toolkits, crisis simulation exercises and one-to-one board-level executive training) for the oil industry, defence, airline and chemical industry clients.


Crisis communications (media and stakeholder response materials, media handling, internal communications, strategic communications and response advice and coaching) for clients in the telecommunications, oil and gas, chemicals and agrochemicals sectors.


Summaries of financial reports, press releases and background information for media, investors, analysts and employees; corporate advertising copy (various industry clients).

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