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  • Critical issues and crisis communications counsel and handling

  • Crisis communications materials

  • Media relations coaching, support and handling

  • Crisis preparedness and planning

  • Vulnerability reviews

  • Scenario development

  • Internal resource and toolkit development

  • Crisis and issues manual creation

  • Crisis recovery planning and strategies


Counselled chairmen and chief executives on various crises including industrial, supplier and public accidents; the serious impacts of sudden market and regulatory changes; product tampering and threats; blackmail situations; religious issues; perceived product threats to human health; regulatory concerns; government and local authority relations; staff retrenchments; and environmental issues.


Often working in complex post-accident situations.


Rapid deployment of communication tactics and materials in various crisis situations: Organising emergency press conferences and media briefings; briefings for members of the local community and community leaders, liaison meetings with emergency services, and on and offsite briefings for employees, suppliers and customers; providing guidance and coaching for in-house communications teams and acting as additional resource to support them during an issue or crisis situation.


Clients with whom Tim has worked in an issues and crisis situation include those in the chemicals, agrochemicals, FMCG, drinks industry, telecommunications, oil and petroleum, and business services sectors.


He has also been involved in crisis preparedness planning projects for clients in the aviation, defence, hotel and electronics sectors. This included carrying out vulnerability reviews; running planning workshops for key managers; producing crisis manuals; organising and running crisis simulation exercises (sometimes in conjunction with the emergency services); media and spokesperson training; and the production of standby communication materials.

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