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An enlightened and effective way to protest

I was impressed to see on the news tonight that a group of Flemish farmers had found a very enlightening and effective way to protest about the low prices some of them are currently getting for their produce.

Instead of choosing to take their tractors into Brussels on Monday to join more than 1,000 farm vehicles that promise to bring the city to a near standstill – and thoroughly annoy the rest of us in the process – they set up a market stall giving away their produce to anyone who could rightly guess the price.

The stall was strategically set up near the seat of the Flemish government and much to the delight of the media was visited by several ministers, including the Flemish PM and Flemish Agriculture Minister.

Passers-by willingly added their signatures to a petition that the young farmers intend to peacefully submit to Mondays Meeting of Agriculture Ministers in Brussels. Bravo!

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