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  • Awareness raising and reputation management using traditional as well as new tools and techniques.

  • Fully integrated communication, combining public relations with public and government affairs.

  • Connecting individuals and organisations with Europe’s key decision makers.  
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Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement
  • Identifying, segmenting, mapping and prioritising target stakeholder groups with whom to engage. More details …

Corporate Communication
  • Communication at a corporate level for companies, government and non-government organisations. More details

Analyst Relations and Communication
  • Establishing close partnerships with industry analysts through dialogue and communication.  More details

Research and Market Intelligence
  • Monitoring the activities of stakeholders, competitors, customers and issues likely to impact your business.  More details …

Internal Communication and Change Management
  • Internal communication tools and strategies to engage and inspire employees, improve knowledge and garner support.  More details

Media Relations
  • Strategic and practical help to build relationships with the media. 
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Issues Management and Crisis Communication
  • Issues and crisis preparedness and crisis communications support.  
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  • Writing, editing and producing a wide range of communication materials.  
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Communication Strategy and Planning
  • Developing and implementing strategic communication plans tied directly to business objectives.  More details

Digital Communication
  • Strategies and tools to engage with their customers, employees and stakeholders through digital and social media platforms.  
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Event Management
  • Product launches, press conferences, policy roundtables, briefings, one-to-one meetings, trade shows and exhibitions.  
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