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  • Identification of stakeholders and stakeholder groups

  • In-depth research on the individuals and groups involved

  • Analysis, including relationships and vulnerabilities

  • Audience segmentation

  • Mapping and prioritisation

  • Identification of influencers and potential ambassadors

  • Visualisation

  • Identification and evaluation of engagement opportunities

  • Development and implementation of contact and relationship programmes

  • Development of supporting communications materials


Over many years as a communication practitioner Tim has led or been involved in various stakeholder mapping projects to determine the people with whom various organisations need to best engage in order to improve or protect their business environment and corporate image.


They have ranged from relatively simple evaluations of known stakeholders, through to an extremely detailed and complex mapping exercise – involving many hours of research across more than 20 countries – conducted for a global healthcare client.


These mapping projects usually involve identification of the groups and individuals likely to affect a situation or proposed action; sorting them according to their ability to impact the action and their level of support for it, and then determining who else they influence and who in turn influences them.


There are various tried and tested methods for conducting stakeholder mapping. A combination of them is recommended depending on the complexity of the stakeholder landscape and the objectives to be met.


Methods and activities to engage with stakeholders similarly vary depending on the objectives. Some examples of those in which Tim has been involved include staging briefings and roundtable events; joint initiatives with third-party organisations with a common interest or similar beliefs; various sponsorships; ambassador programmes; facility visits; exploiting speaker opportunities; staging conferences and workshops, and organising satellite presentations at third-party events.


One of the most successful advocacy events that Tim has organised for legislative stakeholders was an EU Member State roadshow designed to demonstrate the safety of certain chemicals. It involved taking a small exhibition, product demonstrations and interactive presentation, to various EU Member State ministries as well as to an EU agency. It resulted in both improved relationships and a much greater understanding of the products involved.

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